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New Logo to Enhance College's Branding

Samples of each college (UMSL DAILY, 2014)

The University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry is joining with the rest of the UMSL campus to showcase our unity with a new logo. The new logo will help define the college and also bring us together with the rest of the campus.

Over the years, the branding and feel of the College of Optometry has evolved. The new look and logo is a small step, but can have a huge impact on identifying us not only as the College of Optometry, but also as part of the larger UMSL campus.

Janice White, the interactive graphic designer for the College of Optometry believes, "The new logo is clean, fresh, and crisp.  Seeing the logo over and over will hopefully bring more awareness to the College of Optometry as well as unifying the college with the UMSL campus."

Each college on the UMSL campus will use similar logos to help unify the UMSL brand.  As the new logos begin to emerge across campus, we are pleased to have already begun implementing the new look into our marketing materials.  This new logo will give the College of Optometry a consistent look and will be simple, yet bold in identifying who we are as a college and a university.

Program Director Nick Palisch sees the new logo as an opportunity to identify, market, and promote the one and only optometry school in Missouri. "The new logo will help to identify us as a unified campus and will allow all our marketing materials and clothing to be unified," Palisch said.   The new logo is more than just a logo; it is a step to creating a bold and identifiable approach to who we are as a college.  "When I first arrived at the College of Optometry I realized we had several different logos, a lack of consistent marketing materials and a wide array of logos on clothing our students, faculty, and staff wear," commented Palisch. 
As the new branding is rolled out to all of the colleges on campus we are excited to jump on the bandwagon and show off our new logo to everyone.  "The future of identifying who we are is bright and simple recognition from our logo is a huge step in branding who we are as a college," Palisch said.  The new logo will become the approved logo for all clothing and marketing materials over the next several months. 

In a recent UMSL Daily story, Looking good by Bob Samples, he explains how the new logo was created and how it will help to reinforce the UMSL brand and its position.


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