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White celebrates 25 years with UMSL-College of Optometry

Celebrating 25 years of Service to UMSL-College of Optometry Every member of a team is an important player in the success of the organization and while she isn't involved with recruiting new students, or seeing patients in the clinic you likely know her from all the photos, posters, and displays art work for the College of Optometry. 

Janice White is the graphic designer for the College of Optometry and is responsible for most of the  professional posters, mailings, and communications that help enhance the image of the college.

From the EyeWire the the class photos...Janice is responsible.  Janice is also using her creative insight to assist students in the design of posters for presentations and contests. 

Assistant Dean of Student Services, Dr. Ed Bennett, is very aware of Janice's tenure  at UMSL and how the College has benefited from her abilities, "Having been associated with Janice during her entire tenure at the College I can say that …

Class of 2016 White Coat Ceremony

46 Earn White Coats at Annual White Coat Ceremony
On Friday, May 23, 2014 the College of Optometry held the annual White Coat Ceremony for the Class of 2016.  The 46 member class were recognized for academic achievement and formally granted clinical privileges.  All 46 students passed the clinical privilege examination allowing them full access to seeing patients within one of our three UMSL clinics.   Many students look at the White Coat Ceremony as the halfway point to becoming an optometrist; a very important accomplishment prior to graduation in two years.  
Assistant Dean of Student Services Dr. Ed Bennett served as master of ceremonies and spoke about each student individually as they received their white coats as presented on stage by faculty members, Assistant Clinical Professor Dr. Angel Simmons and Associate Clinical Professor Dr. Thomas Landgraf. 
Dean Larry Davis spoke to the students, family and friends about the importance of the White Coat Ceremony and thanked the family a…