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UMSL Pre Optometry Club

Future Optometry Students Meet Monthly.

The University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry will be part of the Student Life video for New Students to gain interest in the various clubs and organizations that exist on campus.   Here is a sneak peek of the video.

Each month the club looks at new topics to discover.  The club continues to grow each year and attracts students from several other colleges and universities around the St. Louis region.   

You can join the club on Facebook:

This year the club began to branch outside of just monthly meetings and began giving back to the community by participating in several optometry-related events across the area.   

At the last meeting on April 24, 2014 the club welcomed Dr. Angel Novel-Simmons, Assistant Clinical Faculty Professor to teach them about lensometers.  Members of the club had the opportunity to actually test donated glasses which will eventually be sent to Haiti as part of the SVOSH organization.   

Dr. Simmons explaining how to use the lensometers

Demonstrating the use of the lensometer

Members of the club were excited to gain hands on experience after learning about what to look for in the lensometers.
Members of the club watching Dr. Simmons demonstrate the use of the lensometers.

The club meets on the last Friday of the month (during the school year) at 5:30pm in the Optics Lab of Marillac Hall (3rd floor)..  Anyone who is interested in the club can contact the club President, Peter Jacques  at    

We invite you to join us at the meeting to learn more about the optometry profession.  



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