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Class of 2014 Graduates 39 New Optometrist

39 New Optometrist Graduate from UMSL- College of Optometry. On Saturday, May 17, 2014 at 6:00pm family and friends joined the faculty and staff in congratulating 39 graduates from the Class of 2014's College of Optometry as  new optometrist. 

The class of 2014 was led  by Student Marshall Haley McCreery who also won the Beta Sigma Kappa Silver Medal Award and the Dean's Award for Excellence.  Associate Clinical Professor, Dr. Keshia Elder welcomed family and friends to the ceremony and welcomed the class of 2014 along with the faculty into the auditorium.

In addition to the 39 graduates, Dean Larry Davis, Provost Glen Cope and Chancellor Thomas George presented Mr. Patrick Gadell with an honorary doctoral degree. Dr. Gadell was introduced by Dr. Bernard Feldman, associate dean of the UMSL/Washington University Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program and chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Prior to the ceremony alumni, faculty, staff, graduates and the graduate…

Farewell and Congratulations Class of 2014.

Words of Inspiration for the Graduates
Four years ago they entered the College of Optometry with the aspiration to become a doctor. Perhaps they were a little scared, slightly unprepared, and most of all filled with the goal of becoming an optometrist.

It has been a journey. An adventure. A challenge.  A learning Experience.

Today the journey ends for the class of 2014.  In the Touhill Performing Arts Building 39 members of the Class of 2014 will walk across the stage and become what each of them have worked hard for the last four years.

As you prepare for the next journey in life, take a moment to remember the steps that it took to get you where you are at this very moment and look forward to the new opportunities that await.

On graduation day your future will become a new horizon and new adventures await you. Take a moment to enjoy it and for one moment in time relax before preparing for your next journey in life.

Savor graduation day.
This is your chance to look back at your educa…

SVOSH Plays Trivia.

SVOSH Hosts Annual Trivia Night
SVOSH held its annual trivia night on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at The Heights in Richmond Heights.  The trivia night drew a total of 13 teams.    The night was filled with fun, food and trivia including various interesting categories including:  “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Category”, “Potent Potables (Your host is an Alcoholic)”, “How Much Did you Pay for that Rock and Roll Haircut and/or Beard”, “Snacks (Things Your Mom Gave You as a Kid When She Was too Drunk to Cook)”,

Alumni Wins 2014 Young Optometrist of the Year Award

AAO Hosts Sand Volleyball Tournament

AAO Hosts First Annual Sand Volleyball Tournament
The American Academy of Optometrist (AAO)  along with Midland Optical hosted the first annual sand volleyball tournament at Bar 101 in Soulard on May 2, 2014.

The tournament drew nine teams consisting of optometry students and friends.  The tournament began with short round robin games before being placed on a double elimination bracket.  The team's created unique names for their teams  "Bumpin Uglies" made up on Eric Ricker '17, Kelsey Westbrook '17, Paige Biehler '17 and Thomas Lambert '17 won the championship game.  The team won a $75 gift certificate to Bar 101, Champion T-Shirts and a free pair of Europa sunglasses.

In addition to the game, participants also had a chance to win other prizes including a iPod Shuffle and Fit Bit from Wal-Mart,  Pioneer Ophthalmic Equipment gift cards and an iPad Air from Hoya.    VSP and Essilor also sponsored the event.

Photos by: Amy Schaag

Nick Palisch

Students Win Regional Contest.

Duo wins Regional Project Foresight Contest; Advances to National Competition in June

Two members of the Class of 2016 participated in the Annual Project Foresight contest sponsored by Wal-Mart and Sam's Club and won the regional competition and will advance to the National competition at the AOA Meeting in Philedelphia in June.

Deli Shirazian ('16) and Elizabeth Phillips ('16) worked as a team to develop a business plan for the future of optometry and presented it on Friday, May 2, 2014. 

 They were notified on Monday, May 5, 2014 that they had won the regional competition winning $1,500 scholarship the pair will split and a $750.00 travel grant for both of them to travel to the National AOA meeting in June to compete in the National competition where they will compete to win up to $15,000.00.  

Project Foresight promotes the profession of optometry and incorporates the teachings of the schools of optometry.  The highlights of Wal-Mart Health & Wellness is to provide q…